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Introducing: Stellar Blue Visual Analytics

Analytics are an important part of any online business, needed to track the results, the successes and failures, of your various business decisions and endeavors to find what works and what doesn’t. This allows business owners to capitalize on what’s profitable and popular in their market, as well as test various advertising techniques and methods to see what clicks most with their customer demographics.

However, analytics can often be a heavily data-driven field, which is to say that its dense nature is often hard to understand and navigate for anyone unfamiliar with the practices and platforms. Most business owners, clients, and even customers, crave a visual element that’s dynamic as well as easily accessible and explainable. That’s why we’d like to take today to introduce you to Stellar Blue Visual Analytics!


Stellar Blue Visual Analytics

Activity Heatmaps




Activity Heatmaps provide valuable user data on the activity and interactions of a single page. This data can be used to refine design elements and improve overall engagement retention, as well as track completed goals such as form fills, button clicks, and more. Additionally, Activity Heatmap interactions can be categorized by device, source, and date, allowing you the exact details and information you need to make informed decisions in regards to design and marketing.

Visitor Recordings

While Activity Heatmaps focus on user data for a singular page, Visitor Recordings document a user’s full journey on your website, from start to finish, through however many pages they decide to frequent. This data can be crucial to helping businesses adjust their design to promote a higher retention rate, drive users to certain pages on the website, or secure leads, among many other possible goals you might have in mind.

Incoming Feedback and User Surveys

Activity Heatmaps and Visitor Recordings help online businesses collect user data to adjust their strategies in meaningful and effective ways. However, hearing directly from the customer or a visitor to your website can be even more beneficial in terms of substantial feedback. That’s why Stellar Blue Visual Analytics offers the following additional features:

Incoming Feedback

Available on every page of your website, Incoming Feedback gives users the option to supply a screenshot, comment, and ranking of a page. This sends you immediate feedback on positive design choices, as well as possibly broken features found by users that can then be fixed.

User Surveys

Have a specific question you’d like to ask visitors to your website? Design a simple and user-friendly survey for pages of your choice that users can fill out, providing you with insightful and invaluable data on the positives and negatives of their visit to your page, as well as website.

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