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The Kennedy Center of Oshkosh


The Issue

The Kennedy Center of Oshkosh is known for being one of the finest hip, knee and shoulder replacement centers in Wisconsin. Their doctors are some of the most well-known and well-respected individuals in the industry, and have helped thousands with their services.

The Kennedy Center relies heavily on the performance of their website to increase brand awareness and recognition. We began to notice a steady drop-off of visitors to the website, forcing us to audit and assess our marketing efforts. We eventually established that our Google Adwords campaign was playing a significant role in the decrease of website visitors. This was mostly due to the introduction of “expanded ads,” a new form of advertisements on Adwords.

When the expanded ads were introduced, we created a new campaign and paused the old one. It was our opinion that creating a new campaign that consisted of up to date expanded ads would increase our impressions, clicks and click-through-rate. As time went on, we noticed our numbers were still low, even dipping lower than the original campaign. We were once again forced to audit the account and find a new solution.

Our Approach

It was agreed on that we would take our new expanded ads and place them into our original campaign, as this campaign held more authority than the new one. Google looks at Adwords accounts and rewards them based on a number of different aspects, with “authority” being one of them. The longer a campaign has been running, the more it is trusted by Google, resulting in higher search engine rankings.


We immediately saw our numbers consistently increasing on a daily basis. Along with optimizing the keywords and phrases within each Ad Group, placing our new ads into the old campaign turned out to be best solution for increasing visits to the Kennedy Center website.

After trying a number of different tactics and strategies to help increase our website numbers from a pay-per-click perspective, we were able to establish an effective solution. By placing our new “expanded ads” into the campaign that we had been running for years, we were able to see a healthy increase in clicks to the website.

Project Features
  • Stellar Premium Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Digital Marketing

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