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Oshkosh Area Community Foundation

Website Design & Development

It’s been wonderful collaborating with the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation on their new website, which will help them continue in their mission to strengthen our community. The site provides a clean, inviting new look, and features pictures of popular landmarks around the Oshkosh area, alluding to the community’s rich history and charming feel. The Oshkosh Area’s dedication to its community is evident in its goal for the new site, which is to provide a place online for members of the Oshkosh community to stay updated on local news, apply for grants and scholarships, and donate to local causes they care about. Viewers now have the opportunity to read the Foundation’s blog about topics that matter to them, including news from schools in the area, updates on the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, and local initiatives to enrich the community.

Project Features
  • Large Customizable Hero Section
  • Robust Blog
  • Community Calendar
  • Simplified Intuitive Navigation
  • Easy Donation Platform

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