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Awareness Campaign Videos

These videos are part of the New IT Alliance’s campaign to raise awareness of the booming tech industry in the Northeast Wisconsin region. We sat down with individuals from different IT companies in the region and not only had them perform this scripted piece, but we also sat down to talk about themselves and their individual careers. The goal was to humanize the career paths you can take in the industry and brush off some of the stereotypes and stigmas that might at first spring to mind. The intent with these videos and the surrounding pieces is to drive students and new career seeking adults to the New IT website where they can find more activities, events, and tools to further their knowledge of tech opportunities in the region.

Video #1
This is the initial video showcasing IT career paths, highlighting both men and woman in the workforce.

Video #2
This is the spin-off version of the first video. A major goal the New IT Alliance has is to promote and recruit more women and girls in the tech sector. This piece follows the same scripted material as before but with a focus on four of the women, we had joined this project.

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