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Neenah Foundry


History Video Series

NF History Video #1: Oldest Lid
The first in a series of five videos documenting historic manhole artifacts of Neenah Foundry in Neenah, WI. This video is a composite of audio and video interviews overplayed atop a background of b-roll video incorporating live shots of the existing pieces as well as historic factory photos. Note the detail in the parallax movement of the edited historic photo at the 20 and 43 second marks. A music track fitting of the time period was added to complete the project.

NF History Video #2: C-Cope
The second in a series of five videos documenting historic manhole artifacts for Neenah Foundry of Neenah, WI. To showcase brand consistency across the series, this video reflects the same length and production style as the first. In addition to historic facts and figures, this video showcases education on industry terms specific to the manufacturing process of each manhole. Catalog pictures from the 1930s next to nearly century-old subject in real life provide the viewer with a realistic link to the past.

NF History Video #3: D-Cope
Continuing the historic video series for Neenah Foundry of Neenah, WI, this third video in the series highlights a major advancement in the lifetime of the product: the d-cope. A history lesson on the change in main transportation methods from horses to cars coupled with a lesson on quality standards for laws like the ADA make up a bulk of the audio content. Video content is consistent within the series mixing still images, parallax, video interviews, and b-roll footage. Odds are you could go out and find a manhole of this variety in your city yet today.

NF History Video #4: B-Cope
The penultimate video in this series focused on the b-cope manhole cover.  Known as the "Wisconsin Standard", this cover has remained the same since 1934.  Video content this time highlights more of the other covers to give a sense of what lead up to this standard cope.  More modern b-roll was used as well to highlight the changes in design work over the centuries.

NF History Video #5: Logo Lids
This final video brings us up right to today featuring modern logo lids that can be found in more than 200 municipalities across the country.  Local history is central to the story of how these lids came to be, so community images were interspersed from the local historic society.

Final Composite Video
As a culmination of this project, a longer composite video was produced.  This gave us the opportunity to feature our favorite shots like the old parallax pictures one last time, while also being able to use up remaining sound bites that didn't make the original videos due to a shorter time constraint.  We were proud to feature this project prominently on multiple social media platforms, and as the feature headline video of our September company newsletter.


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