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Neenah Foundry


Business Overview:
Neenah Foundry is a manufacturing company in the North Central United States, based in Neenah, Wisconsin. The company manufactures cast iron manhole covers, gratings, and similar items for municipal and construction applications.

Stellar Blue Technologies has worked closely with Neenah Foundry across a variety of platforms – from website consulting to marketing collateral to social media and multimedia marketing strategies.

The Challenge:
Earlier in 2017, Neenah Foundry launched a Facebook page to increase brand awareness and recognition.  The Neenah Foundry Facebook page was not getting the engagement they were hoping for, resulting in us performing a marketing audit to provide solutions. We established that the social content was not posted consistently, as well as, had no specific strategy behind the content to boost engagement efforts.

Our Approach:
It was determined that Stellar Blue would create a monthly social content calendar for Neenah Foundry. The goal was to create consistent content that highlights Neenah Foundry as a growing and vibrant corporation resulting in engaged posts and increased followers.

We immediately saw our engagement and user numbers increase organically without having to spend on additional advertising with boosted posts.  Our team integrated posts with hashtags and created employee spotlight videos resulting in an overall solid marketing strategy for Neenah Foundry’s Facebook.  Below, is a high level overlook from (July 27, 2017 to August 23, 2017) - (August 7, 2017- September 3, 2017) to highlight how well the social posts have performed over time for Neenah Foundry since Stellar Blue started conducting the social posts.

After establishing a new social media strategy by creating a content calendar, we are seeing numbers increase for Neenah Foundry’s Facebook page. Our social media strategists at Stellar Blue are trained to create social strategies that help optimize a variety of social media platforms and, ultimately, achieve the client's goals.


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