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Menasha Corporation


Menasha Corp.'s Shareholder Onsite Directory

As a privately held business, Menasha Corporation is owned by the descendants of company founder Elisha D. Smith. Now in their 7th generation and with over 100 living members, many Smith family descendants have been involved in growing the business and the family legacy in the company’s 167 year history.

Stellar Blue worked with Menasha Corporation and MarketSmart to create a tribute to the Smith family in the form of an engaging interactive “directory” of the family members. This one-of-a-kind website project is house within the company’s new headquarters in the Heritage area. The only way to access this directory, is via the touch screen mounted within this space. It features those who have influenced the corporation and affiliated organizations, including:

  • Menasha Corporation, Menasha Packaging and ORBIS
  • The Menasha Corporation Foundation
  • The Smith Family Council
  • The “Next Gen” Philanthropic Foundation

The searchable electronic directory that we custom designed and built, is the embodiment of enhancing a company's story in the digital space.

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