Graduate Credit Quest - Programming

Graduate Credit Quest – Programming

Graduate Credit Quest was created by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) and the Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance (NEWERA) to provide teachers with relevant courses to earn the credentials necessary and to be qualified to teach college-level courses. Stellar Blue prioritized the ease of accessibility and validity of these courses via custom programming.

What We Did

  • Built a foundational custom database logic for future scalability
  • Embedded single page applications in the Vue framework so non-staff users can utilize the platform to its full potential
  • Integrated a number of dynamic filters which allow the users to quickly narrow the most suitable courses for them
  • Enabled  quick info cards which gives the user the ability to quickly inquire about courses that peak their interest

Special Features

  • Incorporated a feature called “My Plan” which allows the user to manage planned and completed courses as well as send relevant information to their partners
  • The “My Plan” feature also includes a dynamic trail graphic which tracks progress to encourage a great sense of accomplishment
  • Integrated course enrollment
  • Dynamic search allows users to find their desired universities and teachers
Graduate Credit Quest - Programming

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