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Fox Valley Voices of Men

Website Design & Development

Stellar Blue was contacted by Fox Valley Voices of Men to help them promote their upcoming (now live) campaign: 11 Things Men Can Do. Voices of Men organization's mission is to help men end sexual assault and domestic violence by dismantling Man Box culture and building a culture of Healthy Manhood.

The '11 Things Men Can Do' is a very poignant message comprised of using 11 direct messages that men can pledge to do. The campaign as a whole was a focus on a total of 12 posters, the 12th being of a young boy facing you to make the decision to stand up against domestic violence. After getting to know the organization and their strategic marketing plan for these posters, Stellar Blue wanted to create a website where its focus was also those print media pieces. But how do we take print media and make it a focus on web?

The homepage of voicesofmen.com is a highly interactive slider that expands open to the various 11 messages depending on where your cursor or finger lands. It allows users to explore the messaging and click on through to learn more. As the posters were sprinkled out through out the community and world, users could come to the site an recognize the face from the poster they resonated with. This homepage piece of custom functionality embodies how web can carry out, even a print focused, marketing campaign.

Project Features
  • Custom homepage functionality
  • Custom Programming
  • Marketing Campaign

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