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Badger Laboratories & Engineering, Inc.


Badger Laboratories Client Portal

Stellar Blue created a custom WordPress powered portal for Badger Labs. This portal allows their clients
to be assigned a login to see the real-time status of their time-sensitive mission-critical information.
The landing page shows the most recent projects but there is also an advanced search for generating reports.
Clients receive email notifications regarding status changes. Clients can also access electronic copies of documents associated with their projects.

Programming Specific Items:

  • Our WordPress site connects to a remote MS SQL database at the clients place of business.
  • Stellar Blue can run a cron job to check for status changes and generate notification emails automatically.
  • The portal front end is a single page application (SPA) which remains responsive in the clients browser while it connects to the WordPress site via ajax to query the remote database.
  • Stellar Blue built a custom search form that includes drop downs with existing data from the database so clients can quickly filter down to very specific views of their data points.
  • The search options can be saved via ajax so clients can run custom weekly or monthly reports.
  • Stellar Blue included a data table javascript library which provides column sorting and pagination as well as .csv, .pdf, .xls, and print exports.
  • Stellar Blue built an associated documents manager so when Badger Laboratories and Engineering can upload digital copies of their report documents and associate them with their clients' jobs so clients can access them at any time.

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