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Tri-County Recycling

Website Design & Development

Tri-County Recycling has efficiently reduced landfill and promotes earth wellness through single-stream recycling for more than 10 years of service. Stellar has been honored with the task of creating a professional website that efficiently reaches those that they serve.

What We Did

  • Created an interactive interface that invites the user to explore and discover
  • Utilized a bright palette to ensight happiness and positivity when operating the website
  • Embedded a SMART waste wizard application that assist the user in finding information
  • Showcased recycling information and directions for various materials

Special Features

  • Integrated a custom search engine called Waste Wizard which finds, filters, and shows both non-recyclable and recyclable materials
  • Maximized website speed by enabling file compression, minifying javascript, leverage browser caching, and image optimization
  • Integrated onpage resources and news to keep the community informed and up to date