Thornberry Creek


Thornberry Creek of Oneida, the official golf course of the Green Bay Packers, offers 27 holes of championship golf atop one of the highest peaks in Brown County. This Green Bay treasure hosts an abundance of events and will challenge golfers at any level. To highlight this fact, Stellar Blue Technologies created a promotional video for the 2019 season featuring various course locations.

What We Did

  • Captured cinematic footage by drones that allows the viewer to virtually fly through the course and view the highlights of the terrain built for champions.
  • Accurately captured the versatile terrain elevation seen throughout the Thornberry Creek course.
  • Showcased the diversity that the hills, forests and plains offer you as you progress through the course.

Special Features

  • Cinematic Drone Footage
  • 3D Motion Tracking
  • Terrain Enhancement
  • Color Grading