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custom website design

T. Rutlands

Website Design & Development

Since 1981 T. Rutlands has aimed to be the leader in providing a one-stop shopping experience for Ferrari parts, tools and accessories. Stellar Blue had the grand opportunity of developing a seamless website that promotes their exotic parts and accessories.

What We Did

  • Updated website design to be optimized for conversions
  • Incorporated eCommerce advanced functionality such as purchasing options
  • Optimized user shopping experience for maximum conversions
  • Displayed captivating imagery to tap into user emotion
  • Organized information making it easy for customers to navigate

Special Features

  • Enabled dynamic match between diagram part number and inventory part number to ensure proper inventory tracking
  • Zooming capability on diagrams for easier visibility and comprehension
  • Smart search functionality which includes information/picture pop-ups, keyword highlighting, and exact match filtering
  • Custom chat makes it easy for users to get in touch