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Website Design & Development

For decades, Skee-Ball has stood the test-of-time, preserving through economic ups and downs, changes in pop culture trends, and advancements in technology and entertainment. Through it all, due to the love of the game, Skee-Ball has remained a staple in the arcade industry. Stellar Blue enjoyed developing a website that communicates Skee-Ball’s intrinsically fun brand personality.

What We Did

  • Animated a captivating and responsive design to update the look and feel of skee-ball
  • Improved user experience with updated organized information
  • Included ecommerce functionality for their online merch shop
  • Created custom imagery and copywriting to reflect their vintage look and feel in the website’s design
  • Implemented personalized interior page templates and designs

Special Features

  • Incorporated advanced hover animations 
  • Animated the timeline design to appear as skee-ball machine tickets
  • Custom designed titles with line illustration and animations
  • Constructed their vintage logo to be seen everywhere on the website
  • Incorporated a sticky contact us call out to maximize user engagement