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Partnership community health center

Website Design & Development

Stellar Blue has the moral obligation of helping our communities to stay happy and healthy. Which is why partnering with Appleton’s Partnership Community Health Center Inc. (PCHC) has been extremely beneficial for everyone in our communities. Our intuitive website design allows people to easily find what they’re looking for when searching for health care. We prioritized consumer interface efficiency to make sure that finding, researching, and applying for health care is as simple as possible.

What We Did

  • Expressed PCHC’s brand identity with our adaptive designs
  • Maximized user experience with organized information
  • Increased ease-of-use with dynamic navigation
  • Emphasized great testimonials to drive new patients

Special Features

  • Incorporate an easy to use navigation with icons and colors. 
  • Attention grabbing call to actions and quick links allows users to quickly navigate throughout the site 
  • Emphasis on testimonials to drive new patients to their practice. 
  • Custom made Employee Portal for internal team use