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Oshkosh Chamber of commerce


The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit, non-governmental organization devoted to enhancing the strength of the business community and working for an excellent quality of life. Stellar Blue gave Oshkosh the opportunity to track what matters for their website analytics so they can focus on assisting local businesses.

What We Did

  • Implemented a comprehensive data-tracking software that allows us to accurately pinpoint flaws and strong points
  • Created a personalized custom dashboard that allows them to see and understand their data at a glance
  • Measured important conversion events to stay up to date with their marketing return on investment
  • Utilized heatmaps, recordings, & behavior analytics to get a precise understanding of the user experience
  • Provided reliable expert analytic help to help them understand the story behind their website data

Project Goals

  • Implement Google Analytics site kit for page view tracking
  • Create a monthly performance report with Google Data Studio
  • Analyze previous traffic to improve future performance
  • Monitored about us pages to further improve brand visibility
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