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New IT Alliance


The Northeast Wisconsin IT Alliance (now known as the NEW Digital Alliance) was formed to collaborate with business partners, higher education, and community organizations to build awareness of IT and digital careers in Northeast Wisconsin. Stellar Blue Technologies worked with digital and IT professionals in the region to create a series of creative and informational videos designed to drive students and new career seeking adults to learn more about careers in IT.

What We Did


  • Created and edited engaging videos to raise awareness about the booming tech industry in the Northeast Wisconsin region
  • Organized and recorded scripts and interviews to create a connection between the viewers and the company regarding their industry and careers
  • Disproved common stereotypes and stigmas revolving around careers in the IT industry
  • Drove students and career seekers to inquire about NEW IT Alliance on their website by looking at activities, events, and valuable resources
Video 1

This is the initial video showcasing how creative and innovative career paths in IT can be, highlighting both men and women in the workforce.

Video 2

This is the spin-off version of the first video with a focus on Women in IT careers. A major goal the New IT Alliance has is to promote and recruit more women and girls in the tech sector. This piece follows the same scripted material as before but with a focus on four of the women working in IT and digital careers.