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IndepenDENT Dental Solutions (IDS) is changing the dental landscape to better serve independent private practices. Stellar Blue Technologies created these promotional pieces to help break down how and why they do what they do. The two pieces were to be used together to promote IndepenDENT Dental Solutions as a brand. Combining the upbeat, energizing promotional video with the first-person narrative of the partners’ stories provides a one-two punch to attract new members while spreading awareness.

What We Did

Video #1:
  • Created the main promotional piece that grabs a potential member’s attention and gets them excited to join the IndepenDENT Dental Solutions family 
  • Added a professional voice-over and energizing music to help elevate this piece and the IDS brand
Video #2: Our Story
  • Created a second video that features Dr. Rick Romenesko Sr., Dr. Michael Romenesko, and Brian Heyndrickx as they explain how they started IDS. 
  • Included segments on why their business model works for the benefit of independent private practices. 
  • Added colorful graphic animations to help showcase some of the processes they use.