Guident Business

Marketing & Graphic Design

Gary Vaughan established Guident Business Solutions, LLC in February of 2009. His company has worked with business owners to drive up the owner’s equity.  Now, Gary has put all of the lessons together into one book, Lessons in Business: How To Be A Better Boss In 20 Minutes Or Less. Guidant Business Solutions teamed up with Stellar Blue to design a professional, yet eye-catching design for his ebook cover. 

What We Did

  • Created and designed a custom, professional ebook cover design
  • Crafted a design with a strong focus on key details
  • Used an expressive style that fits well with the business industry
  • Gave insightful ideas which lead to the creation of the name of their book
  • Yielded Stellar results with Facebook advertising


  • A/B split testing for Facebook ads
  • Utilized our “Stellar $1 strategy”
  • Implemented dynamic geo targeting
  • Tracked and utilized data from the Facebook pixel integration