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Gold Cross Ambulance

Website Design & Development

Gold Cross is a dedicated team of professionals delivering expert care in a heartbeat.  Stellar Blue is honored to have played our part in creating a visually stunning yet easy to navigate website to help them better serve our communities throughout the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin.

What We Did

  • Enhanced the website user experience with a simple and professional layout
  • Highlighted the top-viewed searches for Northeast Wisconsin to provide easy reference
  • Developed an immersive 360-degree tour of the inside of an ambulance
  • Designed an intuitive drop down navigation menu that organizes content in an organized fashion
  • Integrated a bill payment and donation system which allows clients to pay or donate from the comfort of their home
  • Showcased their positive impact in the community including volunteering, scholarship offers, business training, and more

Special Features

  • In-Depth Class Registration Functionality
  • Engaging Video Homepage Hero Section
  • Interactive Ambulance Tour
  • High-Quality Photo/Video Gallery
  • Astounding Content Blog
  • Intuitive Animated Service Map