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Fox Communities Credit Union

Website Design & Development

Stellar Blue had the crucial role of creating an effective website that connects the community with a credit union that cares. We made this website with the intention of showcasing the financial benefits of working with Fox Communities Credit Union. We put the customer’s experience at center stage to ensure that their needs are fulfilled. Every aspect of the website prioritizes Fox Communities main goal which is to help their members achieve their financial goals and build secure futures.

What We Did

  • Developed an interactive and seamless composition for optimal user experience
  • Created a responsive brand design that tells their story in a glance
  • Organized pertinent information by adding “easy access”
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Incorporated inclusive mobile banking

Special Features

  • Integrated real time rates
  • Established SMART calculators
  • Custom an easy access side panel
  • Added a dynamic calendar event tool
  • Maximum site security with a 256-bit encryption