Diehl Tool Steel Inc.

Website Design & Development

Since 1926, Diehl Tool Steel, Inc. has been an international supplier of Hitachi specialty metals, tool steel, alloy steel, CPM metal, mold steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel products. Stellar Blue produced a performance orientated website that conveys the Diehl Tool Steel mission on every image, title, and page of the site.

What We Did

  • Developed a fresh website design that invites users to take action
  • Implemented professional fonts and formats to maintain credibility¬†
  • Optimized the websites mobile-compatibility
  • Improved user experience with organized information
  • Integrated WooCommerce to to maximize e-commerce capabilities such as payment options, product specifications, and more

Special Features

  • Installed online form plugin with the ability to review submissions and send email to appropriate parties
  • Styled blog pages to match the overall site design with various premium sorting features
  • Integrated dynamic announcements to display notifications such as job openings, new services, events, and more¬†
  • Constructed a smart chatbot solution making it easy for users to get in touch