Daryl stuermer

website design & development

Virtuoso lead guitarist Daryl Stuermer of the super-group Genesis and Phil Collins has been touring the world to sold-out crowds since 1978, creating the signature guitar sound of the Phil Collins mega hits “In the Air Tonight” and “Easy Lover.” Stellar Blue had the honor of developing an intuitive website that expresses their band identity in the most efficient way possible.

What We Did

  • Created an informative navigation that allows users to easily learn about tours, news, bookings, and more
  • Developed unique expandable visualizations that provide the users with playable videos showcasing previous performances and events
  • Provided onsite sign up for bookings so fans can connect with their Daryl’s band through music and entertainment
  • Integrated redirect features that point music store viewers to the products they like so they can easily purchase
  • Built a social media outbound section which allows fans to connect with the band on their socials