City of neenah


Stellar Blue has maintained a long partnership with the City of Neenah and has provided marketing consulting, social media management, analytics, and website development. Our analytical expertise allows us to advance the website performance to achieve “stellar” results.

What We Did

  • Provided extensive analytical consulting to ensure that Neenah’s team had everything in their “data tool box” to succeed
  •  Reviewed and explained 12-months of user engagement to understand their analytical landscape
  • Supplied data-drive conclusions on whey their current site structure was not working as they’d like it to
  • Utilized analytical data to guide the creation and implementation of images, text, and media which improved the overall site framework and performance

Project Goals

  • Analyze website data to pinpoint strongest landing pages
  • Increase organic traffic via search engine optimization
  • Understand their user experience through machine learning
  • Track vital engagement key performance indicators