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Belgian Draft Horse


The Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America had its start and beginning with the partnership of the Wabash Importing Company in Wabash, Indiana, where it is still maintained today. Stellar Blue ensured that we programmed intuitively to create formats and layouts that would boost website speed and performance across the internet.

What We Did

  • Constructed a responsive design that presents information in an organized and controlled fashion across mobile, desktop, and tablet screens
  • Customized dynamic navigation to direct traffic towards high-priority pages
  • Optimized extensive databases to track horses, owners, registered name prefixes, member dues, and much more
  • Advanced smart search tools to allow users to quickly find their desired topic in the database
  • Built an intelligent AI. to generate ownership and transfer certificates
  • Integrated a knowledge-based system that tracks staff work and production
  • Automated news update slider

Special Features

  • Pedigree builder and ancestry trees with calculated coefficient of inbreeding and color coding of recurring ancestors
  • Automatically forwards testing requests to the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
  • Automatically updates horse information from VGL test results
  • Documentation such as certificates and DNA kits are now attached to horses and owners in the cloud which promotes universal accessibility
  • Dynamic financial tracking was integrated to ensure that dues, fees, and payments are reported, paid, and collected as efficiently as possible