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Amplify Oshkosh seeks to empower local businesses, innovators and investors with technology in Oshkosh, Wisconsin through peer events, ideas exchange, cross-promotion and continuing education. 

This local organization sought out help from Stellar Blue Technologies to get community members excited about their series of conferences and events through creatively designed digital and print marketing deliverables.

What We Did

  • Provided digital and print collateral for the Amplify Oshkosh Conference.
  • Wrote and posted social media ads.
  • Designed email marketing campaign.
  • Created digital and print collateral for the Amplify Oshkosh Conference that engaged community members and encouraged them to sign up
  • Wrote and posted social media ads that assisted in the marketing campaign for the conferences and events
  • Designed a strategic email marketing campaign that was sent to core audiences for maximum engagement and conversions

Special Features

  • Created an 8-page printable event program that outlined the event activities
  • Developed a pristine and seamless event website
  • Promoted the event with placard cards
amplify conference graphics