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What is WordPress?

You may not know it, but WordPress is one of the most popular website builders in today’s current technological standing. This not only can improve your SEO, but It can also account for over 30% of websites that are now on the internet. WordPress began as a site for blogging but as its popularity grew so did its software. The modifications to the WordPress code accompanied by the unlimited plugins and themes have allowed website builders to create any sort of website. it also allows users to expand from the business sites and blogs into E-Commerce, Social networks, or Portfolios.

WordPress is an open-source content management system maintained by its community of developers instead of being maintained by a particular company. Open-source allows developers access to the source code allowing them to write code and improve the software.  A content management system (CMS) is a software or application that allows users to manage their content by either creating, editing, or publishing. WordPress is constantly improving its software because of the community of developers they have built.

Top 4 Benefits Of WordPress


There are many different types of website building applications or software. WordPress works to improve your SEO and is one of the top open-source content management systems out there for many reasons and the number of users can testify to that. WordPress has many benefits such as

1. Improve Your SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important parts of building a website. Users will have a hard time finding your website if they cannot find it in the search engines. WordPress has made optimizing your website easy by offering plugins specifically to improve your SEO. Make sure to research your SEO plugins and test what works for you. visibility, relevant traffic, and site conversions.

2. Platform Flexibility

Being an open-source platform allows you to create a website for your needs. Even though WordPress was created for blogging the software continues to get updated to support different types of websites such as resumes or e-commerce websites. There are plugins for all businesses’ needs. Proof (Testimonials).

3. Massive Amount Of Plugins

WordPress provides you with the tool to create a simple and basic website but sometimes a basic website isn’t enough for a business’ needs. This is where the WordPress plugin directory can help increase the functionality of a website. The directory houses thousands of plugins that can help your business achieve its online objectives. Remember to always keep your plugins updated to ensure the best service.

4. User Friendly

WordPress has made building websites less stressful and scary by having a friendly user interface. They make it simple to navigate the backend of your website and manage your content.

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