Patrick Abbey Employee Profile

Patrick Abbey

Programming Specialist

I graduated from HSU (now called Cal Poly) back in 2017. For the first few years following college, I was unaware of how challenging it is to find work in this field without first having work experience (a bit of a catch-22 in a way), as I was busy getting my schooling done and working towards my degree. As such, doing freelance work in my spare time was all I could manage for a few years.

Eventually, I managed to find work by doing website development for a local musician, and shortly after that developing a Web Application for him. It took a few years, as I was working entirely on my own and still having to work part-time non-computer jobs, but I am quite proud of how much I was able to learn.

Now that I’m part of Stellar Blue, I can finally show off my skills in a full-on professional setting! I have garnered a very wide variety of basics in different programming languages, along with more focused proficiencies in certain ones. These include Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C++, RoR, C#, RESTful API, and WordPress.

Accomplishments include:
  • Obtaining a BS in Computer Sci with a GPA of 3.7+
  • Learning Unity and making a game in a small team in 2 weeks at an internship¬†
  • Running a computer repair solo business during high school and post-grad
  • Being self-taught on GameMaker starting in High School