Justin Minor Website Design Specialist at Stellar Blue Technologies

Justin Minor

Web + Graphic Design Specialist

Northern Michigan

Hello folks! I’m Justin Minor and I am a WordPress Website designer and Graphic Designer
here at Stellar Blue Technologies. I have a huge passion for design and have always found
myself involved in the creative process in capacity that I can.

I graduated from Northern Michigan University in Marquette in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine
Arts with a focus on Human-Centered Design and Graphic Design. My experience studying
design, as well as developing entrepreneurial skills through the Invent@NMU program,
encouraged me to pursue passions of working with clients and developing their ideas and
taking their brand to the next level. It was around this time I began applying skills in user
experience design, graphic design, and website design which brought me to where I am today.
In my free time, I really enjoy exploring Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, as well as
traveling, music festivals, time spent with family and Golden Retrievers, pontoon days, and
wasting time on board and video games.
Degrees | Accomplishments:
Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Human-Centered Design
WordPress, Website Design, Graphic Design, Elementor, 3D Modeling + CAD, 3D Printing,