Cvetko Georgevich

Project Specialist

As a Project Specialist for Stellar Blue Technologies, I bring the better part of 30 years of client services and project management experience working with businesses ranging from small arts and crafts stores to multi-national enterprises. Regardless of company size, the one constant remains: my strong personal commitment to working closely with you as your point of contact for your project to harness the collective expertise of Stellar Blue Technologies and provide you with business solutions specific to your needs rather than generic off-the-shelf solutions.

I sincerely believe no challenge can’t be overcome with the collective energy and creativity of a team of experts committed to working together to help a business fully realize its potential. It’s a collaborative experience that’s really nothing short of thrilling and we will be there for you every step of the way.

When I’m not at work you can find me enjoying all sorts of music from a fugue to some classic Ella to Waylon and Willie. A couple of days out of the week you can find me on the local tennis court, golf course, or on horseback. As a volunteer, I’ve enjoyed coaching youth soccer, baseball, and basketball and serving high school debate coach and judge for the Urban Debate League.