The Difference
Web Design & Programming

And how to use them to
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The World of Programming and Web Design

The world of programming and web design may be difficult for outsiders to understand. These two specialties contain behind-the-scenes work that most businesses with a website don’t want to worry about.

However, it’s important to know the difference between the two and how you can use them to optimize your website and meet your business goals.

Let’s examine what makes web design and programming so vastly different.

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What is Web Design?

Web Design refers to the overall user experience when visiting a website. The user experience can include visual aspects of the website, layout of content, graphics, and sometimes content itself. There are many different elements that can be used on a website, including videos, spacing, font, images and much more.

Another key part of web design is functional elements, these can include animations, navigation, and user interactions. Since 2010, mobile device usage has significantly increased. It’s essential for websites to adapt to different screen sizes and be fully optimized for mobile use. 

Having a consistent look across all devices is essential for a business to keep a branded look. A great website design allows users to easily navigate the website while also being aesthetically pleasing. Website design can have a huge impact on your overall search engine performance. Having an adaptable website with updated content and branded visuals will improve SEO, ultimately driving more traffic to your website.

What is Programming?

Website programming is the process of the writing, markup, and coding of the website. This involves coding of the front end of the website which is what users see on their screens. Web programming must ensure that there are enough plugins on the website that users will have no problem navigating your page. Doing this right will allow your website to have structure and also be appealing for users to visit.

Programming can be split into client and server coding. Client coding involves providing information and accessing data from users while server coding involves data retrieval, security and performance.

Most web programmers have knowledge in scripting languages such Javascript, which is the most popular. Other programming languages that could be used are PHP, Python, Ruby and many more.

Key Difference Between Web Design and Programming

Web design and programming are often confused for each other but are both important parts of web development. Both design and programming affect the visual and user experience.

Programming will provide a structure for the visuals and user experience that will be built out on web design. Web design involves visual aspects like font, color and content throughout the site. These visual aspects can also include images, videos, animations and more.

Programming and design work together to provide the best user experience across all devices. If either part is missing in the website development it could cause poor user experience and website performance. Poor website performance can affect your search engine rankings which will also negatively affect the amount of traffic.

See What We Can Program for You

Stellar Blue Technologies has the skills and expertise you need for your programming needs. Our full-service tech company is equipped with skilled programmers that can implement custom database schemas, create WordPress plugins, and more depending on your business needs. If you dream it, we can build it!

Don’t just take our word for it, see real programming projects we’ve completed for clients on our website.

Graduate Credit Quest
Our programming team built a website for Graduate Credit Quest from the ground up featuring custom database logic for future scalability. This project features embedded single page applications, integrated dynamic filters, and course enrollment.

Belgian Draft Horse
The programming project for Belgian Draft Horse included building a responsive design with customized dynamic navigation. Stellar Blue optimized extensive databases to track horses, owners, registered name prefixes, member dues, and much more.

For more information on the programming services from Stellar Blue Technologies, visit or call 920.931.4250.

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