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Flip My Website – SunSeekers by Rosie

posted on October 30, 2020
Design Development

SunSeekers by Rosie has been going through some transitions and took full advantage of Covid to modernize their physical locations. They wanted to carry that through to their website, so their online presence matched. A lot of functionality from their old website is the same as their new website. The difference in the new site is a lot more flow and fluidity tying in the same aesthetic as their physical locations. With the additional pictures of their interior and services, the new websites provides a better representation of who they are and what they do. The old site didn’t do that.

Their new interactive map provides customers a list of all locations that link to the address. The customer can use this to quickly get driving directions or call a specific location with the click of a button.

And there’s more coming…but we can’t tell. Wait and find out what’s next for SunSeekers by Rosie.

In the meantime, visit their website to see their new look and get directions to your nearest location.

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