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The Power of Video

posted on March 17, 2019

Video is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching your audience. The interactive experiences and storytelling available to the medium are unmatched when it comes to consumer engagement. According to a recent Forbes article, “80% of millennials consider video when making a purchase decision.” With these statistics, it’s more critical than ever to utilize video.

YouTube is only second to Google when it comes to search engines. One main reason YouTube has surpassed other search engines is that people consider video when making their purchases. People look to product videos, reviews, etc. when they are researching a product or service. This makes video content an element that will stop the endless scrolling and encourage engagement.

With video and other forms of multimedia proving to be so critical, you want to make sure to utilize it in the correct way. There are numerous ways to showcase video and integrate it into your website and social media efforts. This can range from video testimonials to product videos, drone footage, virtual tours, motion graphics, and more. It’s key to lean on the professionals to guide you through the process and make sure you are using video in the most effective ways possible. Find out how Stellar Blue Technologies can help you engage your audience and turn views to engagement.

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