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Jason Joins Stellar Blue As Web Developer

posted on February 24, 2019
Crew & Community

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Information Systems and later received technical certificates in PC Programming and Web Development from Fox Valley Technical College. However, in high school, I had already taught myself C++, (x86) Assembly Language, and how circuits process logic having created a physics class project out of homemade two pole solenoid (electromagnet) switches providing AND and AND NOT logic, LEDs and switches. Even before high school, I had found the command line, variants of BASIC programming language, other components of DOS and Windows. When I got my first computer, I enjoyed the manual command line process of installing Gentoo Linux in a dual-boot setup on it. After that, all of my computers have been Linux including the latest one I built myself and Raspberry Pis. Not that my preference for Linux excludes me from being my family’s IT for their Windows computers.

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My major projects have been open source video game engine development and a project to operate the electric piano at church. My project for church makes playing a song on the electric piano a simple matter of pressing a key on a laptop. I configured a laptop with a minimal Linux installation running a program I wrote with its own MIDI processing. I became one of the core developers of OpenRA, an open source game engine re-implementing the Command & Conquer RTS franchise. My work on it includes core features such as the performance of looking up actors and their traits and a kind of functional language for controlling those traits for which, I wrote a JIT compiler. I enjoy such complex problems presented in a project like OpenRA. I like to follow the recent changes to C++ and have looked at other programming languages. My other interests include science and science fiction.

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