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Connor Joins Stellar Blue as Analytics Strategist

posted on February 20, 2019
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Greetings! My name is Connor Thompson that’s joining the wonderful people of Stellar Blue Technologies as an Analytics Strategist. My life has taken me in many different directions to bring me here. I originally went to LA Technology of Science and Engineering to be a Computer Scientist while having a summer internship at XTO Energy as a Roustabout. Being from LaSalle Parish, Louisiana I’m glad to say I moved to Wisconsin four years ago. Now I’m close to finishing my dual Associate Degrees at Fox Valley Technical College.

Being that my degrees are in Business Management and Marketing it may seem odd that I would be interested in Analytics. That’s actually an interesting story where I had been doing some database analytics for years. A teacher at FVTC had noticed me looking over a spreadsheet that I had made to calculate some crafting costs for World of Warcraft and told me about how it could be an applicable skill. I thought it an interesting idea. So I decided to take my millions of gold, and apply them to the real world.

None of this would be possible though without the wonderful support of my soon to be wife Riley Werner-Fink and our cat Little One. They have helped me through loss in my family and in finding direction for my journey. When I’m not looking through numbers (and loving it), I’m running various role-playing games and even writing my own book on the subject! It’s one of my many passions to share a good story with others.

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Finally, I wanted to say thank you again to Stellar Blue for taking a chance on me. Being fresh off the boat, so to speak, I have much to prove. Being involved with this award-winning team is a great opportunity that I’m excited to take.

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