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Courtney Joins Stellar Blue as Digital Marketing & Multimedia Specialist

posted on January 25, 2019
Crew & Community

My name is Courtney Krepline, I am excited to join the talented group at Stellar Blue Technologies in the role of Digital Marketing & Multimedia Specialist. During my professional career, I have taken on many various challenges including multimedia production, traditional design, web development and more.

While growing up I quickly learned I was easily distracted by various products or services based on their marketing tactics. My parents always told me I would buy an empty package if I thought it looked nice. Once I understood that was a career path, I knew that was the path I needed to take.

During my schooling at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, I studied Digital Studio Practice with an emphasis in Design and Visual Communications. While in school I developed my passion for multimedia work and gained knowledge and experience with motion graphics, video filming, and editing and user experience based work such as augmented reality. My focus rooted my work in graphic design and how to integrate the teaching and techniques for each medium into a seamless marketing campaign.

Throughout my career, I push to make new and innovative designs, videos, websites, etc. My goal is to help others. By joining Stellar Blue Technologies, a team who supports the community, as well as individual businesses, grow, we will be able to translate your vision while yielding remarkable results.

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