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A Passion for Community & Music | Stellar Blue Donates Services to Mile of Music

posted on August 9, 2018
Development General Multimedia Programming

Mile of Music – to the untrained eye it’s just another music festival featuring dozens of local artists at prime venues throughout downtown Appleton, but to us it’s a milestone of the year that we work toward behind the scenes to make sure that the experience is as stellar as it can be for every participant experiencing the Mile digitally.

Let’s put some facts to figures to shed a little bit of light on what we all do with the Mile of Music festival. For Mile 6 in 2018 we’ve invested hundreds of hours of staff time. What does that all entail?

Our multimedia crew captures the action!

While you may never see a programmer working behind the scenes on a computer, there’s a chance that you may see the Stellar Blue multimedia team out and about at dozens of venues throughout the venue!

  1. Videography – Concert recordings were captured on video for Mile archives. This kind of raw video is perfect for future promotional videos for the Mile showcasing full venues, lively performers, and fanatic crowds.
  2. Event photography – Hundreds of high-res photos were gathered that feature a wide range of artists doing what they love. The quality of the photography makes the images prime for large print posters, billboards, or stills for commercials. When scaled down, the multitude of pictures are perfect for social media sharing for the Mile and all of the performers that were featured.
  3. VR 360 video – We set up shop for four nights during the festival and a few nights in the months leading up to it during “mini-mile” events, and we captured 360 videos of some of the hottest concerts on the avenue. These 360 videos immerse viewers in the experience by being right up on stage with their favorite performers. Viewers can take in the high-def experience and re-live the moment for years to come.

Nicole introduces the next act at our sponsored venue!

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The Mile website is a dynamic site that is always growing and changing with the times. This year we added a series of new features.

  1. When “favoriting” an artist or particular concert when not logged in, the site takes you to the login prompt and then immediately brings you back to the page you were viewing before the prompt so that you can pick up wherever you left off.
  2. While users are “favoriting” their next item, they will enjoy an improved list/agenda view of the schedule. Based on feedback from users, we’ve tweaked the menu to enhance the overall user experience. It’s a best practice!
  3. The Twitter live-feed is a major drain on processing power – but it’s so cool to watch it blow up during the festival! To maintain the coolness but improve the speed and user experience, all but 42 tweets are re-worked and purged from the feed at the end of every day.
  4. A brand-new Announcements block was added to the home page. Whether it’s a shout out to sponsors, or a heads up for a change in venue, page users will always be up to date with all things Mile as they happen.
  5. Site analytics were updated with improved tracking. It’s nothing that the average Mile attendee will ever touch, but Mile coordinators now have access to better analytics for how users are interacting with their site. Utilizing this powerful data we can tell you the site had over 40,000 visitors during the event!

Dale gets the crowd ready for the next show!

Our programmers take pride in their deep dives into the code of every website. This year for the Mile we had a multitude of items to be proud of.

  1. You might take it for granted, but a lot of time goes into cleaning code to improve website performance. Archives and page templates were all updated. This includes the schedule, artists, workshops, and venues pages.
  2. Two of the most-used tools on the Mile website are MyMile and ShowsNearMe. Each of these tools are meticulously manicured to make sure there are no outages or glitches during prime time of the festival.
  3. General housekeeping coding items were also addressed such as revisions to MyMile for 2016 and 2017 so that data could be shown in the “previous years” tab. The Artists/Shows/Venues were updated as well.

Stellar Blue Technologies is privileged to be the multimedia sponsor for the Mile of Music Festival. Over the past six years since the festival has started, we’ve grown as partners and developed something truly special in the Mile website. As the years move on, we look forward to using new technology to bring unique and relevant experiences to Mile participants near and far. For more information on other Stellar Blue programming and multimedia projects check out our portfolio page, or contact a Stellar representative directly to start talking about your next project!

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