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Hannah Joins Stellar Blue Team as Digital Marketing Account Specialist

posted on February 9, 2018
Crew & Community

Hey there! I’m Hannah, a Digital Marketing Account Specialist, and one of the newest additions to the Stellar Blue crew.

If I were only allowed a singular adjective to describe myself, I would choose passionate. When reflecting upon my 23 years on this Earth, I believe that passion is the one consistent underlying theme. Sure, my passions may have started at a young age with smaller things, like Barbies or Britney Spears iconic single “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”… But since then I have found so many great things in this world to be truly passionate about; things that positively impact my life just as much as they do the lives of others.

My first passion: storytelling. I love stringing words together, in many different styles and variations, to communicate a message so authentically, that an audience can feel the same emotions and feelings that you experienced while crafting it. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to work hand in hand with clients, and to help them share their one of a kind stories with the world.

I also have a great love for health and wellness. Outside of work you will often find me feverishly baking healthy and delicious recipes, blogging about health and wellness topics on my personal blog, or running for absurd amounts of time in preparation for an upcoming marathon.

No matter what your passion is, or even if you can’t pick just one, I believe that you should pursue your interests with great tenacity. I am so happy to have joined a stellar team of professionals who also shares this value of mine.

Quick Facts:

Degree: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

Skills: Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing Strategy, Market Research, Web Testing and Analytics

Accomplishments: Academic All American, Boston Marathon Qualifier, Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon Top Finisher x2, 10,000 m UWO School Record Holder

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Running, Baking and/or Eating

Interested in learning more about Hannah and the rest of the marketing team at Stellar Blue? Check out our work, or contact us!

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