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CES Journal: Day 1

posted on January 9, 2018
The longest drought in Las Vegas history ended the afternoon/morning leading into CES convention. It ended an 116 day drought. It’s been raining almost constantly since Monday, January 8th. This caused flash flooding in the streets surrounding the convention – like Joe W Brown Dr – that was one of the main routes the CES bus shuttles were taking.
Deep learning is one of the most interesting aspects involving Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. There are two different forms of Deep learning: Supervised and Unsupervised. Supervised is based on categorization of data. It’s called supervised because large sample sets of categorized data needs to be provided to the machine. Ex: A picture of a dog, with it labeled that it’s a dog. Unsupervised is based on pattern analysis. Taking into account the supervised example of dog pictures, unsupervised would be providing data sets of dog pictures, without the labeling that it’s a dog. The interesting part of this is that this method has surpassed the human brains accuracy in categorization. We’re about 95% accurate at classifying objects/images. With deep learning, it’s at around 98% and only increases as more data is provided.

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