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Facebook Launches Highlighted Shares in Insights on Videos

posted on December 1, 2017
Social Media

Last month, Facebook announced a new feature being implemented to video insights on all Facebook pages. We all know that Facebook videos are the hottest thing on Facebook these days. It makes sense, because people are generally visual learners, and videos help us retain information quickly.

So what does this new feature mean? It means we are now able to determine who our top influencers and advocates are. We are able to identify which of our advocates are generating the most quality traffic back to our videos.

Within video Insights, we can now see who the top pages were that shared our video, and how many views came from each one of those shares to another page.

Facebook states in their announcement that their goal is to help pages build better communities together across Facebook. Many publishers have requested having more insight as to how their content travels, and who can help build those communities to keep the viral momentum going. This new feature may just be the trick to allow our brands to reach out directly to those that we may not even realize are advocating for our brand and our content.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Facebook or video content can help amplify your brand, contact the team at Stellar Blue today!

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