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Facebook’s Customer Chat Plugin

posted on November 14, 2017
Social Media

Have you ever wondered what it would take to have a live chat option on your website? Facebook is about to make it easy! Read on to learn more about what this could mean for your website.

By now, most of us have a Facebook page for our brand. If you have Facebook, you have access to Facebook Messenger. Rolling out soon, Facebook Messenger has a plugin that you can add right to your website so that people can live chat with you without ever even leaving your website. All through Facebook Messenger. Pretty cool, eh?

What is the value of live chat?
Quality user experience is essential when considering customer acquisition and retention. As consumers, we appreciate instant assistance, instant satisfaction and highly personalized touch points. In addition, we also don’t want to click around and navigate on our own, we want easy paths directly to whatever it is we need. Live chat features built right into our website are becoming more and more common with every passing day.

If you’re interested in adding this chat feature to your website, Facebook asks that you join this waiting list. Facebook has started rolling out this feature to a select beta testers, and expects to be more widely available soon!

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