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Is Your Website Mobile-Optimized? If not, Facebook Will Now Penalize You

posted on August 3, 2017
Marketing Social Media

Yesterday Facebook announced it’s latest update, which is geared toward business pages giving users the best experience possible. If the links you include in your posts are sending visitors to websites that are not optimized for mobile devices, your reach will be significantly less than websites that are mobile responsive.

The update follows the path that Google has taken over the past couple of years, which focuses on giving users the information they need in an effective time manor. In early 2015, Google announced that their newest algorithm would include a mobile-friendly ranking factor, which rewarded websites that are mobile-optimized. Given that both Google and Facebook are now following this same trend, there’s no reason your company’s website shouldn’t be optimized for all devices.

Facebook recently stated:

“We’ve heard from people that it’s frustrating to click on a link that leads to a slow-loading webpage. During the coming months we’re making an update to News Feed to show people more stories that will load quickly on mobile and fewer stories that might take longer to load, so they can spend more time reading the stories they find relevant.”

For companies who put forth time and effort into social media, but have avoided investing in an engaging and responsive website, this update will play a significant part in their digital marketing strategy moving forward. By not giving your visitors the experience they’re looking for, Facebook is going to take notice and decrease the number of users who see your content.

If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly, contact a representative at Stellar Blue:

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