Have You Heard? Nicole Has Joined the Crew!

(written by Nicole for you!)

My name is Nicole Hurd and I am beyond excited to join the Stellar Blue team as a Marketing Strategist. My dedication and determination were installed early on in my life. My father taught me to work hard and find a career I am passionate about and my mother taught me that I may feel defeated at times, but it is how you choose to handle it that makes a difference. I was always a dreamer by day and night and when I grew older I found my passion for creating things and telling stories.

In today’s world we have never been so connected through the efforts of social media. What an incredible concept to be able to tell stories to the world with a click of a button. Thus, my passion for digital marketing. I am now a graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. I couldn’t be more proud of the person I am today.  I never gave up on my dreams and through the passion of my previous instructors, mentors and parents, I can finally say I feel like I found my dream job within Stellar Blue Technologies.

I look forward to creating relationships with our clients and helping them achieve their marketing goals.  One of my favorite parts is seeing projects through to completion because you can look back and know that you were a part of a hard working team to create something truly amazing.  I am so eager to dive in and to learn and grow within my career alongside my co-workers and make an impact with the Stellar Blue team.


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