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Channel Your Inner Tarzan with this Website

posted on December 21, 2016
Design Stellar Launches


Stellar Blue is excited to announce the launch of a new custom website for Tarzan Havasu! Tarzan Havasu is a company whose primary goal is to get you out on the water and having the time of your life on one of their Tarzan Boats in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. This is the first project Stellar Blue has completed for Tarzan Havasu.

When visitors first arrive on the homepage, they will find a booking link and built-in Twitter feed laying over the top of a video footage showcasing the Tarzan Havasu experience. Down the left side of the homepage is a navigation bar that leads to subsequent pages with information on booking options, media list with pictures of Tarzan Havasu customers, how to contact the company as well as links to their social media platforms. Below that, visitors will find a scrolling options box with links to pages for different types of gatherings that would be perfect for a Tarzan Boat. The homepage concludes with a section for the different packages they offer that include options for spring break, standard rental and day passes.

“Building this website meant we had to capture all of the fun elements that a day with Tarzan Havasu would include,” says Sales and Marketing Director Amanda Betts. “I believe that we were able to accomplish that.”

A primary goal of the website was to showcase all of the entertainment features a customer would experience when spending time on a Tarzan Havasu boat. The custom website is built with a WordPress integration that allows administrators to make quick and simple content updates according to seasonal rates as well as media images. Also built into the website is an attention-grabbing home page video embed and animation. Finally, the website comes with an easy-to-use, custom reservation and payment system through WooCommerce. Swing through the Tarzan Havasu website and find the right package to land on!

You can visit the new website here:

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