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WordCamp Milwaukee Recap

posted on September 22, 2016

Our Stellar Web Developer, attended the annual WordCamp Milwaukee (WCMKE) last week. This years focus: “Here’s WordPress and development. Welcome to the 10,000 different correct ways to do things.”

event-location-entrance sessionHere is what they had to say about the event:

Did somebody say bacon? Yes… someone definitely said bacon. Actually, I can smell it. What’s this? A bacon bar? Yes, please.”

This was my thought process 2:40pm Saturday afternoon at this year’s installment of WordCamp Milwaukee (WCMKE). The Bacon Bar has been a feature of WCMKE for the last four years and is definitely a highlight for attendees. It’s a tasty break that street-wordcamp-and-hotel-were-on-2lets your mind cool down and process all the tech talk that’s happened over the course of the day.

That’s really what WCMKE is about: the tech talk. Some of the industry’s leading developers, designers, clients, and project managers from all over the country come to these camps and present a topic. The topics focus on WordPress, but range from very high level development to simply learning how to communicate better.

I was primarily there for the development talks. Some of the main items I was able to take out of those speeches were ways to automate tasks and code to be significantly more efficient and ways to significantly reduce page load times.Looking forward to not only next year’s bacon bar, but implementing everything I learned into our responsive web designs for our clients at Stellar Blue!

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