Insta Story? How Instagrams Newest Update Reaffirms their Status

DiemOver the past five years, Snapchat has been as much a powerhouse as Twitter when it comes to real-time updates – but with a twist. Snapchat is built on the premise that pictures are sent between senders and are erased after they are viewed. Well ladies and gentleman, look out for Instagram because they have thrown their hat into the ring.

Last week, Instagram upped the ante by launching “Instagram Stories.” Much like Snapchat’s “My Story”, users have the opportunity to post off-the-cuff, goofy pictures and videos in real-time updates to the social media platform. This newest update re-establishes the growing popularity of real-time posts for social media platforms that have become a staple of digital marketing and brings Instagram up to speed with that very trend.

Although Snapchat is more commonly viewed to be in the driver’s seat of the real-time photo updating trend, with this most recent update, Instagram becomes an even bigger presence on social media. Even before the update was launched, Instagram was seeing approximately 300 million daily users according to Bloomberg, which is nearly double what Snapchat sees in a day. With these analytics showing such a big differential in users per day, Instagram reaffirms its status as a social media giant.

Made available to every Instagram user, the stories are able to be viewed by simply clicking on their profile picture. Each time there is a new update, a colorful ring will show up around the account’s profile picture. Much like Snapchat, users will be able to view basic analytics of their posts by seeing who has clicked on their story. Since Instagram hasn’t been viewed in the past as a platform that gets shared to more than a couple times a day, the new update could increase the average number of posts per day significantly.

Now that Instagram has jumped on board with this trend, they are more than equipped to go toe-to-toe with Snapchat. Instagram has now provided a way for users to post multiple times a day without overwhelming their followers’ newsfeeds. We will monitor Instagram’s new update in the coming weeks to see how it compares to Snapchat and what it will do to Instagram’s daily users. In the meantime, your move Snapchat.

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