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GOOGLE makes it easier “In the Moments that Matter!”

posted on June 8, 2016
Marketing Stellar Analytics

The recent Google Performance Summit shared some exciting innovative changes coming to Google Adwords and mobile marketing. These changes answer both those of you who have asked for help, and the mobile world we now live in. In fact, Senior Vice President of Advertising and Ecommerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, stated, “The shift to mobile is no longer something that will happen. The shift has happened.” Stay current and know the newest Google technology before it comes out!

Google Adwords changes are focused on bids, measure, and design. “Bridging Intent and  Context”, here are the new changes:

Longer Text Ads result in a 20% increased Click Through Rate.
Google will allow two 30-character headlines, as well as, an 80 character description line. This is nearly 50% more ad texts to highlight campaigns and products. Displayed URLS will also be revamped, being more relevant to your landing page.

Responsive Mobile Ad Display are compatible to anything and everything.
Ads will soon look better than ever on every screen and publishing site. Just provide a headline, description, image, and URL and Google will do the rest!

Device Specific Bidding option better meets your target marketing goals.
In a mobile world, bidding should be more flexible and optimized. Google did exactly that, allowing Adword users to make individual bids for each device (desktop, tablet, mobile).  Your campaign and budget can match your specific needs.

Google has continued to innovate our way of mobile marketing. Throughout our busy lives and our mobile dependent world, marketers will be there “In the Moments that Matter.” Stay tuned for more important information about changes via the Google Performance Summit.

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