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Stellar Blue Crew Welcomes Justin Frank

posted on May 25, 2016
Crew & Community

My name is Justin Frank and I am excited to join the team at Stellar Blue Technologies as a Web Developer.

My experience has grown organically along the path of my career, beginning first in photography and then moving into graphic arts, where I worked in the newspaper and specialty publications industry. It was there that I discovered that my need to shape the visual aspects of the environments around me were rooted in the information, not just the colors and shapes I was arranging.

This information led me to internet and technology, where art and design work hand-in­-hand to create a whole experience beyond what print alone offers. It shows the story, it is the story, and the story brought me to Stellar Blue. Whether that story is the client, the history, a service or product, the story is the site and the information is the experience.

I look forward to contributing my work and experience into the stories that Stellar Blue crafts, and the team that crafts them.

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