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Why Google+ Should Be a Part of Your Social Media Strategy

posted on February 9, 2016
Social Media

What is Google+?Google+
Google+ is Google’s social media platform. Most of you probably have one and don’t even know it! You might ask yourself why would you focus on having a Google+ account when you’ve never even heard of it before, but it might be one of the most important social media sites to be on. It was meant to be a “social layer” to Google’s many entities (such as Google and Youtube) so that users can connect and converse with others that share a common interest. So why is it important for your business?

Where does Google+ fit in the mix?
There are more Google+ users than there are Facebook users, however, this is because anyone who has a Google email is automatically given a Google+ account. Most of these people don’t even utilize the account and are not actively posting on it, but Google+ is important because it works side by side with Google’s search engine algorithm and Google My Business. It’s a good idea to create a presence on Google+ because of the connection between all of Google’s entities. Another way Google+ can be an asset to your digital marketing strategy is the benefit it can have on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each post published to Google+ has the potential to be indexed individually as if it were it’s own web page, which again goes back to serious benefits in search!

Google+ Revamped
In 2015 Google+ was redesigned to be more mobile-friendly and more compatible across devices. They’ve also heightened the focus on “Communities” which serve as a place for people to learn more about a particular topic or interest, so you can take a more targeted approach to search and entertainment, similar to Pinterest. Businesses can definitely take advantage of communities and collections from a branding perspective, and people can be a part of communities that you create and follow along with your company’s blogs, news, and updates.

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