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Live From CES 2016: Thursday Recap

posted on January 8, 2016

Another interesting day at CES. Fitness & health technology is again very big at CES this year.  There have been a number of advancements in regards to the data that can be collected and how accurate it is.  There are far more devices this year for accurately measuring your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, etc. One device I found really interesting was call Skulpt Chisel.  It accurately tells you not only body fat but muscle quality (not just overall but actually specific muscles like your triceps, abs & quads).  Looks really interesting as it can really help you not only know your body fat but if specific muscle groups need to be worked on.

I checked out the 3d printing section and talked to a few people there.  While not a lot has changed over the last year, there have been improvements in costs and software development.  It seems to me they are using the same technology now and just trying to figure out ways to make it more affordable to the average consumer.

Stay tuned right here for more from CES 2016!

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